Marco Polo Adventures (Pvt) Ltd.

    At the turn of the 14th Century, the adventures of Marco Polo, led him to cross from Europe to the Asia Far East. In his pursuit, Marco Polo crossed the Silk Road and though he may not have crossed into today’s Pakistan, he did set the trends of adventures.

    Marco Polo Adventures is a group of young at heart adventurers who would like you to share and enjoy the passion of nature, ecology, fun, adventure, mountains, people and culture. We would like to share all this with you in a manner that you can enjoy much of what Marco Polo did, but in a comfort that would envy none more than Marco Polo himself.

    Our adventure destination for you is Pakistan – undoubtedly, the world’s best kept tourist secret. Pakistan houses over a third of the world’s 100 highest mountains, the largest selection in mountain ranges (Himalayas, Karakorums, Hindukush, Pamirs), the most untouched of desert scenery and along with all this, we also offer a culture of people who have not been affected by the term “modernity” and still live in traditional lifestyle.

    Marco Polo Adventures (Pvt) Ltd., an adventure division of Pakistan's leading tour operators, Sitara Travel Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., is a licensee of the Government of Pakistan – having met the very stringent requirements of professionalism, quality in service, financial sound worthiness and qualified personnel. We offer you in the next few pages some of the many programs we offer. All our programs are available on the set prices and dates guaranteed to operate on a minimum size of only 02 persons. On the other hand, we also offer customized adventure programs to suit your own dates, taste and interests.

    Enjoy the activities of trekking, mountaineering, desert safaris, mountain safaris, mountain biking tours, river safaris in traditional dhows, and a lot more.

    Pakistan with Marco Polo Adventures awaits you.